Syracuse, an old capital


Guide and events in Syracuse, one of the most important tourist sites in Italy, for monuments and for the particular leading role in the history of Sicily.
Without any doubt Syracuse is one of the most important tourist sites in Italy both for the beauty of the monuments and for the particular geographical location.
UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005 Siracusa is now a city of just over 122,000 inhabitants, the fourth largest in Sicily, of which about 4,500 residents in the historic center, the island of Ortigia.
Capital of the island with the Romans and the Byzantines, it was for more than a thousand years, until the Islamic invasion, the most important city in Sicily.
The vestiges of this important guiding role played by Syracuse in the past can still be found today in the monuments that have arrived to us from the Greek age but also from the Roman times and the medieval period.


mangiare a siracusa

Dal punto di vista eno-gastronomico conviene ricordare il Pomodoro di Pachino IGP e la produzione di limoni, il 25% dell'intera produzione nazionale , nonchè il vino Nero d'Avola , il cui vitigno nasce nell'omonima città , la terza della provincia dopo Siracusa e Augusta per numero di abitanti.


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To better organize a visit that allows you to see the architectural and natural treasures of Syracuse, you can divide the time available in two large areas to visit: the mainland and the island of Ortigia.
The entire city tour in our opinion requires at least 2/3 days.

the Land

The first area, that of mainland, roughly corresponds to the modern city built in 1800 on the imprint of the classic Syracusan pentopoli. To be seen absolutely:
Archaeological Park of Neapoli
Ara of Ierone
Greek Theater (the most important in the world that has come down to us);
the Latomia (stone quarry) of Paradise with the famous Ear of Dionysus (artificial cave)
the Roman Theater.
Also worth seeing: Church of San Giovanni Evangelista with the catacombs of San Giovanni; the Church of Santa Lucia and, last but not least, the Paolo Orsi Museum, with more than 18 thousand objects, one of the largest archaeological museums in Europe.

ORTIGIA island

The island of Ortigia is a fortress-city that occupies a territory of about 1000 square meters and is entirely pedestrian. To be seen absolutely:
The Duomo,
The Fonte Aretusa (with the cultivations of Papiri), for millennia source of fresh water; the Castello Maniace (not internally visited);

the Regional Gallery in the former Monastery of San Benedetto.
Among other things to visit in particular we highlight the Temple of Apollo and the Via della Maestranza.

Guided Tours , Excursions and Activities in Syracuse

surroundings of Syracuse


Located in the most south-eastern part of Sicily with just over 400,000 inhabitants, the province of Syracuse is spread over an area of about 2,100 square kilometers and has one of the highest concentrations of tourist attraction poles of the island.
Among these the most important are, in addition to the Greek and Roman archaeological sites of the capital Siracusa, its Historical Center in the island of Ortigia, some of these UNESCO Heritage:

  • the Rock Necropolis of Pantalica,
  • Noto and his Baroque,
  • Palazzolo Acreide.

On the coast, washed by the Ionian Sea, important shopping centers including the Port of Augusta and the presence of salt marshes, most of them now abandoned, and tuna. Orographically, the territory is characterized by various highlands and the Iblei Mountains, whose highest peak does not reach 1000 meters; in the North area near Lentini, the Biviere lake, the largest artificial basin in Europe.


Festivals, sporting events, art exhibitions, markets, festivals, religious festivals, congresses, concerts of the Sicilian city.
Perhaps the party par excellence for the community of Syracuse is SANTA LUCIA [13 DECEMBER. ].
The celebration of the Feast of the Patron Saint has its fulcrum in the procession during which 60 men carry a heavy silver statue with the carriage of the Senate from the walls of crystal with a court of pages and grooms in eighteenth-century clothes.


maniace castle

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