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Veneto is one of the richest regions in Italy with history, culture, monuments, natural attractions and landscaping.
Venice and the Venetian lagoon, the mountains of Ampezzano, the Brenta Riviera, the Venetian Villas, and jewels such as Verona, Treviso and Lake Garda, centers of world religiosity such as Padua and gastronomic excellence like Prosecco, l Asiago and Radicchio make Veneto one of Italy's highest tourist destinations.


A mini guided tour of the city of Venice, suspended between land and sea, immersed in the lagoon but also in history.
Venice, the Serenissima, is one of the most beautiful and famous cities in the world.
Born on water, its bond with the sea is the thread of its glorious history.

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Padua is a large university city but also a great site of religious interest and at the same time a place rich in art and monuments; there are many places and monuments to see in Padua and the province, but the guide ...


Cittadella is a fortified medieval town founded in the 13th century (1220 BC) at the time of the communes, as the military outpost of the city of Padua.
Today, CITTADELLA is a city of about 20,000 inhabitants in the province of Padua, which develops on about 36 sq. Km to 48 mt. on the sea level.

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