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Piacenza is an Emilian city of 102.607 inhabitants. Its territory has been inhabited since ancient times, first by the Ligurians and then by Etruscans and Celts. Later it became an important Roman outpost against Hannibal's advance. During the year one thousand its importance grew thanks to its position along the Via Francigena, and in 1336 it became one of the possessions of the Visconti family, until the middle of 1440, when it passed under the control of the Papacy. In the mid-1500s it became the capital of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza, under the rule of the Farnese, and then became part of the territory of the Bourbons, until 1859.

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what to see and what to do in piacenza

Piacenza is really a city rich in history, monuments and art, and its symbol is definitely Piazza dei Cavalli, with the two equestrian statues of Farnese and the Gothic Palace characterized by the portico with pointed arches in the lower part and red bricks in the upper one; inside there is a large hall that was originally used for meetings of the city's leaders. The Romanesque Cathedral is very beautiful, with the characteristic pink marble façade with the large rose window on the upper part: the interior is rich in frescoes, such as the large Dome, by Guercino, but here you can also admire works by Carracci and Procaccini; a curiosity: here also the columns are painted, and this gives the Duomo a very special and unusual effect. Another church that deserves a visit is the Basilica of Sant'Antonino, patron saint of the city, a classic example of Romanesque architecture characterized by the great octagonal tower, rich in paintings and frescoes, among which some of De Longe portraying the life of the Holy Saint. Painting enthusiasts cannot fail to visit the Basilica of Santa Maria di Campagna, because inside there are magnificent works by Pordenone, the Procaccini family and Guido Reni. From Piacenza there are many guided tours that allow you to visit the magnificent Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza that characterize the territory: and for those who do not want to "simply" visit the castles, there is the possibility to following thematic routes, perhaps for know the stories of the many ghosts that infest the territory.

Piacentina food

Piacenza is rich in culinary traditions, among which you can find the chisulèn, fried raviolini that are usually eaten with meats and cheeses very tasty, such as the capocollo or the spicy gorgonzola. A typical first course are the pissarei and faso, a version of pasta and beans, while among the desserts there are turtlitt, sweet tortelli filled with amaretti and chocolate, fried and sprinkled with icing sugar, really tasty!

Events in piacenza

Many events take place in Piacenza during the year: in February there is the Piacenza Jazz Fest, an event dedicated to jazz with the performance of great national and international artists, a great event for all fans of this genre. On the occasion of the celebrations for the Patron Saint, between the end of June and the beginning of July, there are the Antonine Manifestations, during which the city comes alive with cultural and artistic events, in addition to the many stalls along the streets of the historic center. In June and July, every Friday evening, the shops remain open until late, and musical and artistic performances are organized on the streets of the city. During the month of September there is the Autumn Festival of Organ Music which, with a series of seven concerts, will allow all fans to listen to the most prestigious international organ music soloists in addition to the voice of 4 large organs of Piacenza.