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Modena is an Emilian city of 185,003 inhabitants. It seems that the first settlements in this area date back to the Etruscans and then to the Boi Gauls: the same name seems to derive from the Etruscan "mutna", which meant tomb, and that in the centuries has then transformed into today's Modena (it is curious to note that in the dialect, the name of the city is pronounced "Modna", a word quite similar to the ancient Etruscan name). In 183 b.C. here a Roman colony was founded, and became the capital of the former Gallia Cisalpina, but between the fifth and seventh centuries Modena was abandoned due to the continuous flooding of the Secchia and Panaro rivers, which surround it without crossing. The city was repopulate around 891, when the dominion of the bishops took control of the city. After several territorial struggles with nearby Bologna, at the end of 1200 it passed under the control of Ferrara, even if it was only at the end of 1500 that the capital of the Duchy of the Este family was moved from Ferrara to Modena.

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It's really nice to walk through the center of Modena, with its arcades and ancient buildings, maybe to get to Piazza Grande, the heart of the city, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, along with the Cathedral and the Tower of the Ghirlandina. On Piazza Grande overlooks the Palazzo Comunale, characterized by a beautiful portico, while in front stands the Duomo, a masterpiece of Romanesque style built at the end of the Year 1000, although it was completed only at the end of the 1300s. The Façade is characterized by a series of blind arches that create a play of chiaroscuro and movement, while above the main portal there is a large rose window, added in the thirteenth century together with the two side doors. In this regard, the Porta Regia is very interesting: the two main columns are supported by stone lions, from the Roman era, while the access is bordered by a series of smaller columns, all different from each other. The interior of the Cathedral is divided into three naves with cross vaults, which in the fifteenth century replaced the old wooden ceiling; beautiful the Pontile Campionese of Anselmo da Campione, enriched by sculptures and bas-reliefs and supported by 10 columns which in turn rest on lions, as in the case of the Porta Regia, or on telamons, men of faith that symbolically support the church. Very interesting is the crypt, a real underground church with nine spans, which has remained virtually unchanged since the end of 1100. Next to the Cathedral stands the Torre della Ghirlandina, 89 meters high, so called for the two balustrades of the spire, which surround it as if they were two garlands. Although it was built as a bell tower of the Duomo, it has always played a civic role, so much so that inside it were kept public records, treasure chests and other valuables, such as a copy of the famous "Secchia Rapita", heroicomic poem by the poet Alessandro Tassoni. It is worth visiting the Ducal Palace, now home to the Military Academy, dating back to 1600. The Palace, with its grandeur, is one of the most prestigious palaces in Europe, and was the seat of the Court of the Estensi until the mid-1800s

MODENA Land of Motors and food

In addition to being one of the main Italian cities of art, Modena is also the land of Motors, and in fact the Modena motoring heritage boasts names such as Ferrari, Maserati, Ducati and Pagani, with museums, factories and collections, a remarkable opportunity for the enthusiasts from all over the world: many motor homes also organize guided tours inside their own factories. 

But Modena is not only a land of art and engines, because it is also synonymous of good food and typical products! Many restaurants and farms allow you to taste those products that are now part of the tradition, such as the Modena Ham, but also the tortellini, Parmesan and balsamic vinegar, excellent on a nice piece of aged Parmesan cheese, maybe accompanied by a good glass of Lambrusco!

Events in MODENA

Among the various events that take place in Modena during the year, we remember FestivalFilosofia, in mid-September, an opportunity to attend readings and lectures given by the major philosophers of our time. Also in September there is the Motor Gallery, trade show of vintage cars and motorcycles, which sees the presence, among exhibitors, of official motor brands, private clubs and motoring stables. 

Another important event for the city is La Bonissima, at the end of October, an enogastronomy festival that presents the excellence of the Modena tradition with a large market set up in Piazza Grande, where producers present products that normally cannot be found in large stores, like the Parmigiano Reggiano aged 57 months or the Bensone, an ancient traditional sweet, prepared with eggs, flour, milk, butter and honey.


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