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A brief guide to the visit to FLORENCE and the events taking place in the Tuscan capital and its surroundings
Florence, the Tuscan capital that stretches along the banks of the Arno, is one of the most famous Italian cities in the world that has played a key role in the development of art and Renaissance culture.
The Romans conquered the Florentine territory and they founded Florentia in the first century B.C.  After the Rome's decline the barbarians began to rage; to Florence's economic recovery a major contribution came from the Lombards.
If the Middle Ages Florence was marked by struggles between Guelfi and Ghibellines, in the fifteenth century the Medici brought new luster to the city.
When the Medici dynasty died out a new luster and a new enlightenment brought the dynasty of Lorraine, author ultimately for the maintenance and enhancement of existing artistic and monumental heritage that make the fortune of Florence. 

There are innumerable remarkable personalities that have braided their lives with the history of Florence as well as Italy and Europe. Among the most famous in Florence can be remembered Dante, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Amerigo Vespucci, Donatello and Botticelli. But also Brunelleschi, Blessed Angelico, Leon Baptist Alberti, Machiavelli, Medici families, Rucellai, Pitti, Arciduca Leopoldo and many others.

 firenze card

To optimize the time of your visit and save on admission tickets to museums and other monuments in Florence we suggest the purchase of the FIRENZECARD, which is valid for 72 hours (from access to the first museum), gives access to more than seventy museums and monumental places of Florence and the province without reservation.
It costs € 72.00 and each cardholder can support one or more under 18s (of the same family) as long as they are citizens of the European Union.
You can buy it at some of the museums themselves, at the ticket office of Palazzo Strozzi, at the tourist information office of the City of Florence in Piazza Stazione 4, in the one of the Metropolitan City of Florence; but also online at www.firenzecard.it.
The Florence Card also has its Plus version. With Florence Card Plus you can travel on all urban bus lines for 72 hours, you are entitled to 72 hours of WIFI and you have discounts and promotions with a whole range of partners (commercial operators). The Firenze Card Plus costs 5 euros and can only be purchased together with the museum card.

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Tourists who choose to visit a city of art like Florence are immediately immersed in a magical atmosphere full of attractions to see and enjoy.
Piazza del Duomo can be considered the pulsating heart of the city, especially thanks to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, dominated by the dome made by Brunelleschi.
The complex includes the Baptistery of St. John, built in Romanesque-Florentine style and the Bell Tower of Giotto.
A few meters from the Duomo in Florence you can visit the Museum of the Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore.


Another extremely fascinating place is Piazza della Signoria, inside which there are the Loggia dei Lanzi, built in the '300, the Palazzo della Signoria and the Fountain of Neptune.
But the most important building in the square, considered one of the symbols of the city, is Palazzo Vecchio.


Not to be missed, in Florence, is also the district of Santa Croce, in which stands the Basilica of the same name, which contains several frescoes made by Giotto and the graves of famous people born in our country, such as Galileo and Machiavelli.
Florence also offers the monumental complex of San Lorenzo and the Church of Santa Maria Novella [see photo above].


Next to Piazza della Signoria stands the Uffizi Gallery, a world-famous museum that contains works created, among others, by artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.


Crossing a historic bridge like Ponte Vecchio you will reach the Oltrarno district, where you can admire Palazzo Pitti. This palace has represented the residence of both the Medici and the Lorraine, and is enriched by the presence of the Boboli Gardens, a park that represents an example of Italian garden.

Leaving Florence and heading towards the hills you can discover little gems like Fiesole, Chianti, Montelupo and Vinci.


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Florence gastromony guide

The dish most requested by tourists who visit Florence is a recipe based on beef: pappa al pomodoro), legumes (spelled and beans soup is famous) and vegetables (onion is the main ingredient of "carabaccia") ).
Another traditional Florentine dish is the ribollita or Florentine bean soup, which shares with Pappa la Pomodoro the distinction of having become a poor dish, one of the most sought after dishes in the area.
Salami is also very popular, from finocchiona to salted ham. Among the cheeses, the best known is pecorino.

food - Pappa col pomodoro recipe


ingredients: (for 6)
olive oil 100 gr.
ripe tomatoes 1 kg.
stale bread 350 gr.
broth with a little salt 1,5 lt.
basil in twigs
Wash the tomatoes, cut them into pieces, removing the seeds, then cook them over medium heat and, once ready, pass them through a sieve. Slice the stale bread to a thin thickness and toast it well, heat the broth and add the tomato, the slices of bread, the oil, the garlic that you have in the meantime chopped, the basil as it is, salt and pepper. Cook everything, stirring often, until almost all the liquid is evaporated and the consistency of cooked is that of a baby food. The total time between preparation and cooking is about 40 minutes.
You can serve both cold and hot, adding the final touch of a little oil directly into the serving dish.
This dish of poor cooking has an acid tendency given by tomato and therefore requires a medium-structured wine with touches of softness and alcohol. The ideal is a young white wine from the Tuscan hills, as can be one based on Trebbiano.


Florence is one of the most important cities in Italy. In addition to admiring historic-artistic attractions, in the Florentine territory, you can witness a large number of events, many of which are of a religious character.
For example, on January 6, the Epiphany day, the "Cavalcade of the Magi" takes place.
On 25 March, to celebrate the Annunciation Day, the New Year's Day is held; The morning begins with a parade in medieval clothes, while the day ends with a celebration inside the church of the same name.
The most anticipated event by the inhabitants of Florence is the Blast of the Wagon; Has been in Piazza Duomo for more than 400 years in the Paschal period. Let us not forget, moreover, what is a must for the world of fashion, that is, the various manifestations of PITTI IMMAGINE that take place in almost all year.

Il festival l'Eredità delle Donne a Firenze

L’Eredità delle Donne è un’assoluta new entry nel panorama nazionale dei festival, che, dal 21 al 23 settembre a Firenze, abbraccerà a 360° numerosi ambiti della cultura come l’arte, la scienza, l’attualità, la politica, il giornalismo, il cinema etc. con una chiave di lettura tutta al femminile per evidenziare il valore, la preziosa eredità e la grande influenza che le donne hanno dato e continuano a dare in questi settori.

ingresso gratuito
dove : Firenze
quando : dal 21/09/2018 al 23/09/2018
vari orari

website: www.ereditadelledonne.eu

INFO - Uffici Turistici 


1 - Infopoint Station
PIAZZA DELLA STAZIONE, 5, Tel.: +39 055 212245 E-mail: turismo3@comune.fi.it
Hours: Monday-Saturday 9 am-7pm; Sundays and holidays 9-14

2 - Tourist Information Office

VIA CAMILLO CAVOUR, 1r, tel. : +39 055 290832/3 E-mail: infoturismo@cittametropolitana.fi.it
Hours: Monday-Friday 9-13

3 - Bigallo info point
PIAZZA S.GIOVANNI, 1, Tel .: +39 055 288496 E-mail: bigallo@comune.fi.it
Hours: Monday-Saturday 9 am-7pm; Sundays and holidays 9-14

4 - Infopoint Airport
VIA DEL TERM, 11 Telephone: +39 055 315874 E-mail: info aeroport@comune.fi.it
Hours: every day 9 am-7pm

5 - Visitor Center of the Cascine Park
PIAZZALE DELLE CASCINE, tel. + 39 055 2768806 E-mail: centrovisitedelparco@comune.fi.it
Open all year round only on Friday 10-16; Saturday and Sunday 10-17.
Monday-Thursday: closed.

 Plastico San Giuliano


where: in Scandicci
when: by reservation

The enthusiasts of railway modeling Giuseppe Paternò of San Giuliano, Carlo Brandolini d'Adda and Vito D'Amico have created a fascinating piece of history on 200 square meters of plastic, a unique Diorama with lots of great mountains, lakes and stazionine maritime and a rare head station, all with very high precision and fidelity.

Not to be missed!