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A brief guide to Cesena's visit and the events taking place in the capital of Romagna and its surroundings

Cesena is a Malatestian city overlooking the Apennines, about fifteen kilometers from Rimini and about thirty miles from Ravenna.
Early settlements date back to the 6th century BC. And, most likely, have seen the Umbro-Etruscans as protagonists. But it is with the colony of "Ariminum" (Rimini), founded by the Romans in 268 BC, which witnessed the birth of the first village. Cesena is later conquered by the Teodoric Goths, following the Bisanzini. During the 6th century it enters the Exarchate, unless it is under the control of the Papal State.
One of the most important events in Cesena's history takes place in 1377, during the years of the "Seven Saints War"; On that occasion, Breton soldiers were ordered to iron and fire the city.
Another conflict whose impact has been devastating on the life of the population of Cesena was the Second World War, especially for the presence on the Apennine ridge of the Gothic Line. The following years saw Cesena grow from the economic point of view thanks to its agri-food sector. Research and investment in biotechnology has prompted the city to play a leading role internationally.

Hotel Cesena

Staying in one of the hotels in Cesena means not only choosing what to see in the city, but also having the opportunity to visit the surroundings. The surrounding area, in fact, is characterized by numerous proposals of thermal and bathing, but also for the presence of charming historic towns and delightful towns such as Forlimpopoli, Monteleone and Longiano, located within 20 km of Cesena. These areas offer artistic and cultural testimonies; By consulting a guide you will also be able to enjoy several typical products.

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What To See In Cesena

A visit to Cesena can start from the walls of the city, in the shape of a scopion. Originally surrounded by a moat, I was restructured by Novello Malatesta. At the time of Borgia's domination, Leonardo da Vinci was asked to assess the defensive abilities of the same walls.
The city's main center is Piazza del Popolo, which can offer monuments such as the Fontana Masini and the Rocchetta di Piazza, which is overlooked in all its grandeur. Another symbol of the city is the Malatesta Library, particularly respected by residents. It is located inside the convent of St. Francis and, among the civic libraries of Europe, is the oldest.
It is sufficient to consult a Cesena guide to realize the presence of numerous bridges, the oldest of which is the Ponte Vecchio. Also worth mentioning is Villa Silvia-Carducci, which became part of the circuit of the "Case Museum of Poets and Writers of Romagna", which is only 7 kilometers from Cesena.


Tourists who choose to visit Cesena, as well as admire the numerous historical-artistic testimonies, have the opportunity to enjoy the products of the culinary tradition of the area.
If the Tuscan influences from the Apennine ridge are undeniable, equally important are the seafood flavors typical of the coast. Among the inevitable proposals of hotels and restaurants are certainly the piadina and crescioni, the baccalà with leeks and the rabbit (in wet or cacciatora style), culatello and gentle salami.
The territory of Cesena is crossed by both the "Wine Road and Flavors of the Hills of Forli and Cesena", allowing to taste, among others, wines such as Sangiovese and the whites Trebbiano and Albana.
The city hosts, on a two-yearly basis, the International Culinary Road Festival, featuring events such as "Cesena a Tavola" and the "International Organetto Festival". At the Savio Racecourse, however, several international horses are organized.

Art Galleries - Exhibits


Studio d'Arte 15 in Cesena is an exhibition space linked to the study by the artist Alessandra Cocchi.
Located in the historic center of Cesena, with a large window on one of the most important streets of the city, the exhibition space is ....

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