CAMPANIA, a land rich in Nature and History

see Naples and die... used to be said this once (*), but seeing Naples, in Campania, driven by the attraction of a wealth of monuments and works of art of great interest, really means an emotional experience of great depth.
Already part of the Gran Tour of the "noble" travelers of past centuries, Naples is beautiful in itself to visit but it is also a magnificent platform for excursions in the beautiful locations of the region, Campania, of which it is the capital.
Starting from Naples, Campania means Campi Flegrei, classic and nature together, then the islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri, stars of world tourism.

*): Once one has seen the Italian city of Naples, one can die peacefully, since nothing else can match its beauty. Proverb  quoted by J. W. Goethe in his Italian Journey (1786–88).

Pompei, Hercolaneum, the Vesuvie but not only

And then you have to visit Pompeii and Herculaneum, with the untouched vestiges of the life of nineteen centuries ago and continuing along the cost towards the South, the pearl of Sorrento and then again the Amalfi Coast, with the enchanting Positano, the sweet Ravello and Amalfi, home of the ancient maritime republic.

We continue the exploration of Campania heading south towards the wild coast and the uncontaminated inland of Cilento, with its National Park and nature reserves, its centuries-old olive trees and local delicacies.
Towards the North instead the Campania becomes the "Felix", that is to say lucky, so called by the Romans for the fertility of the lands, with the splendid reality of the Royal Palace of Caserta and the Latin vestiges of Santa Maria Capua Vetere and Capua.


The most important caves in Campania can be found in the National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni and can be visited all year round.
The two largest are the GROTTE DI CASTELCIVITA in the homonymous municipality and those of the ANGELO DI PERTOSA-AULETTA, both in the province of Salerno.

Less extensive but not less interesting to visit are the GROTTE DEL BUSSENTO in the oasis managed by the WWF in the municipality of Morigerati, also in the province of Salerno.

For all three caves, visit the presentation forms in the section dedicated to CILENTO.


One of the largest underground systems in Southern Italy, with ...


Exciting boat trip in the underground river ...


Through a canyon covered with lush vegetation ...

Tra liberty e bel canto

Passeggiata guidata e concerto aperitivo
Appuntamento con la guida autorizzata per la passeggiata guidata alle h.11 a Piazza Amedeo ( esterno metrò ) alle h.12 segue Concerto aperitivo degli artisti in abiti belle époque
Prenotazioni Teatro Sancarluccio Napoli infoline 0814104467
Oppure Associazione Culturale Noi per Napoli 3394545044
Sito web
Tra liberty e bel canto
dove = Nuovo Teatro Sancarluccio Via San Pasquale a Chiai
quando = 02/06/2018
orario = dalle 11:00 alle 13:00

ingresso Da 15€ a 13€
sconti e riduzioni = bambini
telefono = 3394545044

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