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Perugia is an Umbrian city of 169.224 inhabitants. The first settlements date back to the Etruscan period, but in 295 b.C. it is conquered by the Romans, like most of the territories of Umbria. In 41 b.C., during the Perugian wars, the city was destroyed by a fire and was rebuilt by the Emperor Augustus, who enlarged it according to the Roman style, while retaining the central core of Etruscan origin. From the second half of the eighth century, Perugia became part of the possessions of the Church. In 1139 we speak for the first time of a Municipality and the Government of the Consuls, who control the city together with a general assembly and a minor council. In the XIII century the city knew a particularly prosperous period from an architectural point of view: the ancient Etruscan walls are restored and many noble buildings are built, with towers, so many that the city was nicknamed Turrena, since it had reached more than 70 towers; of these today only the Torre degli Sciri remains. For a long period, several noble families alternated driving Perugia, from the Visconti to the Baglioni, until around 1540, when the city was conquered by the Church.

what to see and what to do in PERUGIA

The historic center of Perugia has preserved intact its medieval architecture along with its charm, with narrow streets surrounded by ancient buildings that open to reveal delicious corners. And there are many things to see in this beautiful city: we start from the Etruscan Arch, one of the monumental gates that give access to the city: it is built with megalithic blocks of granite, and the right buttress is decorated by a Renaissance loggia. Impossible not to be fascinated by the grandeur of the Rocca Paolina, an imposing fortress, symbol of papal power and today the seat of the Palazzo della Provincia. An excellent example of a public building of the municipal age is the monumental Palazzo dei Priori, in Gothic style: the façade is adorned with some three-light windows and a fan-shaped staircase (added at the beginning of 1900), and the Portale Maggiore is richly decorated. Inside it there are many extremely interesting halls: the Sala dei Notari is perhaps the best known, characterized by frescoed walls by the Maestro del Farneto, and which represent Biblical Stories, Legends and Quotes. Another room to be seen is certainly that of the Collegio di Cambio, frescoed by Perugino at the end of the fifteenth century and furnished with carved wooden seats; also the Hall of the Collegio della Mercanzia is very interesting, because it is completely covered with wooden decorations from the late Gothic era. You cannot miss a visit to the two most important churches of the city: the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, inside which is the relic of the bridal ring of the Blessed Virgin and a beautiful painting by Barocci, and the Basilica of San Pietro, from 996, in the Gothic - Florentine style, in which there is the largest collection of art in the city, second only to the National Gallery of Umbria.

Events in PERUGIA

Two main events take place in Perugia during the year: the second half of July there is the Umbria Jazz Festival, the most important jazz festival in Italy that takes place mainly in the Santa Giuliana Arena, even if some concerts they are organized in other locations, and that attracts renowned national and international artists. In mid-October there is Eurochocolate, international chocolate festival famous all over the world, this year at the 25th edition, with exhibitions, conferences and master chocolatiers who perform in show coking competitions; an opportunity not to be missed for gourmands of all ages.

Castello di Solfagnano

Il 6 ottobre 2018 verrà presentato il volume da collezione:

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Una storia che parte dal 1100 quella di questo Castello, intrecciando i destini delle famiglie aristocratiche più illustri del centro Italia. Una storia in cui, tra sedimentazioni culturali e vicende geopolitiche, convivono culto dell’antico e della modernità, armonia e natura, bellezza ed energia.


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